When evaluating unified communications (UC) providers, most organizations focus on upfront cost and technology. However, a provider’s knowledge and customer service – and the quality of those services – are the factors that enable organizations to take full advantage of a UC solution. That’s because UC implementation is part of a long-term partnership, not a one-time transaction.

Here are five ways to evaluate a UC provider’s knowledge and services.

  • The provider should learn about your business processes and goals first, and propose a UC solution second. This is the difference between a consultant and a salesperson. A consultant analyzes your business operations and identifies areas in which UC can improve productivity, efficiency, collaboration and customer service. Salespeople sell “solutions” before they understand the problem.
  • The provider should be able to assess your network to determine UC readiness. Not every organization has the infrastructure, processes or culture in place to support UC. A UC provider must have the knowledge to identify areas of need so UC can be implemented and utilized effectively.
  • The provider should understand how to develop a customized, flexible UC solution. What applications are you using, and how will UC capabilities be integrated with those applications? As business needs evolve, can the provider’s UC solution evolve as well by adding or removing features?
  • The provider should be able to provide training and support based on your organization’s specific needs. UC is useless if employees don’t embrace it. Find out how the provider will help you get employees on board with UC by providing thorough training and ongoing support.
  • The provider should be able to prove each of the above-mentioned points. Anyone can say they’re knowledgeable and offer great service. The provider you choose should be able to validate those claims through customer success stories, case studies and references.

Understanding that UC can have an enormous impact on an organization’s bottom line, IPC Technologies takes a consultative approach to UC. Every UC deployment includes comprehensive assessments, training and support so organizations can realize the full benefits of their UC solution.

IPC Technologies has also been consistently recognized by ShoreTel for a Net Promoter Score (NPS) that “exceeds what is considered world-class level of professionalism and customer care in the industry.” NPS is an-industry standard methodology used by ShoreTel to measure customer experiences and loyalty as opposed to simply gathering customer feedback through surveys. This not only helps IPC Technologies provide evidence of customer satisfaction, but it also helps us improve the services we offer to our customers.

Our knowledge and services have been affirmed by both customers and vendors, and we welcome the opportunity to bring this expertise to your UC deployment.

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