Windows is the dominant desktop operating system, boasting a staggering 91 percent market share, while Apple OS holds just seven percent of the desktop market. But Apple iOS dominates the smartphone and tablet market with 58 percent market share.

This can create a headache for enterprises that adopt a BYOD (bring your own device) strategy: Employees are bringing their favorite devices – mostly Apple iPhones and iPads – to workplaces that run almost exclusively on Windows.

What is an IT manager to do? How is it possible to integrate iPhones and iPads into one harmonious communications infrastructure and enable employees to use these devices productively?

Enter ShoreTel Dock, the industry’s first enterprise-grade docking station that turns popular Apple mobile devices into a home base for business communications.

When combined with ShoreTel Mobility, ShoreTel Dock brings unified communications applications such as voice, presence, instant messaging and conferencing to mobile devices. This enables users to make iPhones and iPads their primary tools for all forms of business communication, using an interface they’ve already embraced.

Integrating the latest collaboration tools with the most popular mobile devices creates a seamless and virtually effortless user experience that helps employees become more productive and accelerate the pace of business. With ShoreTel Dock, there are no more disparate “work phones” and “mobile phones.” No longer wired to an office desk, your four-digit extension goes wherever business takes you so you never miss a beat.

In addition to its communications capabilities, ShoreTel Dock’s streamlined design features the elegance of a modern workstation and the familiarity of a traditional desk phone, merging mobile convenience with the power of an enterprise communications system. Mobile devices are recharged when docked, and pristine audio quality is delivered through the Apple 30-pin connector, which supports both Bluetooth and direct connectivity.

The BYOD movement is only gaining steam. In order to take full advantage of BYOD and boost productivity, organizations need solutions that allow employees to bring Apple devices into the enterprise communications infrastructure.

ShoreTel Dock does more than help employees use their iPhones and iPads at the office. It provides a real competitive advantage by improving the way enterprises communicate and do business.

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