There’s a reason why Salesforce.com is the world’s most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Instead of being bogged down with administrative tasks, Salesforce.com enables users to leverage all the benefits of the cloud to close more sales and deliver top-notch customer service.

To deliver even better results, IPC Technologies can integrate Salesforce.com CRM capabilities with the world-class technology and reliability of the ShoreTel business phone system.

This integration enhances the user’s ability to manage contacts and sales activities, use comprehensive reports and real-time dashboards to analyze data and create forecasts, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty – boosting productivity across the entire organization.

ShoreTel’s call reporting feature continuously exports ShoreTel Call Detail Records to Salesforce.com. Sales managers can then use this call reporting data to listen to and evaluate sales calls, adjust call routing, track and measure sales activities, and develop strategies for making the sales process more effective and efficient.

ShoreTel Salesforce.com Integration

This solution enables both Windows and Mac users to utilize Salesforce.com Reports and Dashboards to manage all call connection information through the Salesforce.com database, while business communications are managed with Salesforce Automation. All features are available through one application.

Benefits include:

  • Click-to-call functionality
  • Inbound screen pops that provide immediate access to customer information
  • Customizable settings and screen page layouts to suit the workflow of Windows users
  • Call recording playback directly from call records

ShoreTel Salesforce.com Call Center Adapter

When business processes are integrated with the ShoreTel IP telephony system, users take advantage of the Call Center Adapter’s embedded call control capabilities through their desktops to boost individual and organizational productivity.

Benefits include:

  • Voice and data integration in one application, allowing for faster response times and shorter calls, which enhance user productivity and customer loyalty
  • Real-time collaboration, including call notes and comments, to speed decision making and problem solving
  • A customizable user interface to optimize user work environments based on individual preferences

ShoreTel Sky AppFuse

This application solution integrates the ShoreTel Sky cloud-based, business phone system with ShoreTel Sky Contact Center and the Salesforce.com CRM system via the Salesforce.com cloud-to-cloud adaptor. AppFuse is the first solution to enable users to fully integrate their activities with their CRM capabilities from a mobile or desk phone, in or out of the office, with no desktop clients required.

Benefits include:

  • 20/20 Activity View, which captures all call records, including those from mobile devices
  • Salesforce Intelligent Routing, which automatically directs callers to their most recent contact
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Compatibility with more devices, including smartphones, tablets and Macs

Like all of the products, services and solutions offered by IPC Technologies, our goal is to help organizations become more agile, productive and profitable. Let us explain how we can integrate the ShoreTel business phone system with the Salesforce.com CRM system so your business can reap the rewards.

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