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Make Sure You’re Up-to-Date on Mass Notification Technologies

Organizations requiring mass notification capabilities — such as colleges, schools, government agencies, and businesses with large campuses — likely have a solution for safety purposes. These will typically be phone chains paired with websites and social media posts.

But today’s mass notification technologies have evolved significantly alongside unified communications technologies. New leading solutions offer enhanced features and benefits that increase safety while improving productivity, interactions, and organizational agility.

The Basics of Mass Notifications

Mass notification systems are communication platforms for quickly disseminating essential news and directives to large audiences. To deliver the right message to the right recipients, mass notification systems can be centrally controlled and integrated with different data sources.

These platforms can leverage a variety of communication channels and are typically reserved for security incidents and dangerous natural events.

Enhanced Mass Notification Systems

When paired with advanced unified communications technologies, mass notification systems can inform people in real time on their preferred channels. Equally important, these systems make creating notifications and disseminating tailored messages to specific groups across multiple devices quick and easy. Some of the major benefits include:1

Personalized Omnichannel Communications: Whether the recipient uses a mobile phone, landline, email, or SMS, these systems can not only deliver the necessary messages, they can personalize the messages as well.

  Faster Response Efforts: Officials in charge of notifications can communicate with their audience in real-time through all major communication channels while connecting with response teams through live conference calling.

Automation of Non-Emergency Communications: These mass notification systems are designed for user-friendliness, both for the recipients of the messages and the officials who create and disseminate the messages. This makes them incredibly useful for automating messages and notifications for a variety of non-critical purposes. 3

Mitel Revolution: The Next Step in Mass Notification Systems

Mitel Revolution stands out by combining cutting-edge features with user-friendly functionality, making it ideal for responding efficiently to crises and streamlining many everyday operations. Key features include:2

  • Real-time notifications and communications
  • Multiple, pre-scheduled events
  • Fast, reliable notifications to a wide range of devices
  • Geofencing for alerts based on physical location
  • Broadcast SMS text and email messaging to outside contacts
  • Desktop Override option to prevent alerts from closing until terminated
  • Activate alerts directly from the mobile app
  • Support for IP & analog paging systems
  • Connect to third-party outbound mass dialing services
  • Integrated text-to-speech engine with multilingual support
  • Audible IP desk phone alerts
  • Reliable and extendable architecture
  • Scales to tens of thousands of devices

The Benefits of an Enhanced Mass Notification System

While an impressive feature list may capture one’s attention, the utility of the features, both in part and as a whole, is what really matters. Here are some of the benefits that Mitel Revolution delivers:

Multi-Channel Support and Geographic Targeting3

Mitel Revolution supports SMS, email, voice calls, mobile app notifications, social media, and even integration with digital signage, sirens, and PA systems. It also offers an extreme level of precision in communications, enabling officials to target specific groups and geographic areas.

Enhanced Crisis and Non-Critical Communications

Two-Way Communication Capabilities: Admins can decide if a communication accepts feedback, which not only fosters open lines of communication but can help shape and speed up a response.

Mobile Administration: Mitel Revolution can be managed by an administrator through a mobile app, enabling hands-on response and greater flexibility in management.

Multiple Communications Tools Combined: The ability to control an organization’s suite of omnichannel communications with one tool streamlines all critical and non-critical communications, from emergencies to promotional announcements and everything in between.

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Make Sure Your Mass Notification System Is Up to the Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

Investing in a tool you hope to rarely — if ever — have to use can be challenging. That is one of the most appealing aspects of an enhanced mass notification system like Mitel Revolution. Not only can it help make your people and organization safer in a time of crisis, but it can also be seamlessly used for non-critical communications.

But as with any integration involving an organization’s internal and external communication technologies, it pays to have an expert like IPC on your side. There are a host of technical and financial considerations, in addition to the challenges of organization-wide implementation. So, if you are considering an upgrade to your mass notification system, make sure you reach out to us first.