Customers get in touch with your contact center in a variety of ways – email, social media, SMS text, chat, mobile and the tried-and-true telephone. This is convenient for the customer, but frustrates contact center agents who constantly open and close screens for various customer service channels. It slows down the process and turns customer convenience into inconvenience.

In a previous post, we discussed the high expectations that consumers have about contact center agents and how those expectations help to shape perceptions of a brand. We referenced case studies that showed how a lack of integration between customer service channels hampered agent productivity and efficiency. In a nutshell, a poor agent experience negatively impacts operational costs, revenue and brand image.

LiveOps Engage makes it possible for agents to respond to customer service calls through a single interface, integrating all customer service channels onto one revolutionary agent desktop.

Regardless of which channel a customer chooses to reach the contact center, this cloud-based technology enables agents to respond swiftly and effectively. LiveOps Engage is a multichannel customer service platform that eliminates the need to switch back and forth between applications and makes all relevant data accessible through a searchable customer interaction database on a single window.

The LiveOps Engage agent interface is easy to use and navigate, reducing the number of clicks and scrolling required to complete simple functions and fulfill customer service requests through productive interaction. Agents have access to the following LiveOps Agent Applications:

  • LiveOps Voice: Agents maintain complete control over inbound call routing and can leverage outbound calling for research, sales, marketing and fundraising. This application includes interactive voice response (IVR) technology and customer relationship management (CRM) integration.
  • LiveOps Chat and Email: Web chat allows organizations decreases call volume, provides more immediate assistance, and boosts conversions, while intuitive management and reporting makes email more efficient.
  • LiveOps Social: Agents can interact with customers on Facebook and Twitter, pivoting to voice or email when necessary to make dialogue more private. Mobile engagement is enhanced with inbound SMS requests and outbound SMS reminders.

Consumers want to interact with brands on their schedule and their channel of choice. Agents want to be able to access customer data and all service channels on one integrated interface. LiveOps Engage makes both sides happy – and a happy agent experience leads to more productivity, more revenue and reduced operational costs.

Best of all, LiveOps enables you to maximize your investments in contact center infrastructure. LiveOps is a true cloud-based platform that can be layered on top of existing hardware.

Let IPC Technologies help you leverage the efficiency and simplicity of LiveOps Engage in your contact center.

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