IPC Launches Cloud Technology Services

New Cloud Expertise & Leadership

IPC, a premier resource for unified communications, has launched a new division, IPC Cloud Technology Services (CTS), led by industry veteran Curt Island. Curt is a seasoned cloud migration and technology specialist with over 25 yrs of experience successfully growing technology businesses. For the past eight years, he has served as IPC’s VP of Network Services, helping companies evaluate, purchase and support their business-critical technology needs.

“Our team takes the time to truly understand a customer’s business so we can offer expert advice and an unbiased, objective assessment that their leadership can trust for future-proof solutions that best fit their business and bottom line.”

– Curt Island, Managing Partner

Comprehensive Cloud Expertise

The wide range of technology solutions, plans, tiers, and platforms can overwhelm a business owner. Therefore, he mission of the CTS team is to connect customers with the technology that produces the most favorable outcomes for their business at the lowest possible expense.

Why Cloud Technology? Why Now?

Kaizen Business Philosophy Is at the Heart of Cloud Technology

The Japanese business philosophy of kaizen, translated as “continuous improvement,” is baked into this new technology due to the ease of seamless and perpetual updates. Keeping up with technology advancements becomes a no-brainer with cloud-based technology. 

The “IT closet” essentially becomes obsolete. Associated expenses cease to exist, resulting in bottom-line savings along with increased freedom and new capabilities that add value to your business.


Cloud-based technologies are designed to optimize live integrations through APIs with a world of applications to multiply the utility of your technology—cross-platform and omnichannel.


This technology is a critical competitive advantage in today’s business world, where increasingly more business happens at home, on the go, here, there, and everywhere.


Adding employees, teams, and even mergers and acquisitions are easier and more expedient with cloud technology like desktop as a service and identity and access management.

Continuous Improvement, “Kaizen,” Incrementally

Every business is at least minimally “in the cloud” through its email service and website. This hybrid model, where public and private cloud technology is mixed with legacy systems, is still commonplace in some industries. However, increasingly, the rationale for supporting legacy systems and on-premises technology infrastructure is being challenged.

Even On-Premises Mainstays Can Be Better in the Cloud

A long-time mainstay of on-premises technology is the data server. Many businesses struggle to embrace the value of cloud data hosting over on-premise, however, the arguments are increasingly hard to refute. 

On-premises storage creates expenses through the need for periodic hardware investments and the ongoing cost of an administrator and technician. Additionally, the need for 24/7 physical security is a constant cost required to avoid a catastrophic data loss event. A lack of financial or staff resources prevents most businesses from attaining the level of security offered by a reliable cloud hosting service such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Getting Help with Navigation

There are a variety of considerations in choosing the best and most cost-effective solutions for your business. Specific factors such as network assessments and connectivity must be evaluated against technology requirements to vet services successfully. Cloud Technology Services can provide the expertise to advise confidently and follow through with migration and implementation in your business.

No “Consulting” Fees

Start with a telecom audit which is a free service for IPC customers. We identify areas your business can save by reviewing telecommunications contracts and invoices, software licensing, cloud spend, and more. On average, we save clients 20% by eliminating some of your wasteful technology-related spend. Rest assured, every assessment is approached from a technology-agnostic mindset.

Have an Expert Navigator on Your Side to Guide You to the Best Path to the Cloud.

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