Transforming Contact Center Data Into Analytics With Brightmetrics

For businesses today, from SMBs to multinational corporations, data is key to effective decision-making. It can provide intelligence for every level of operations, from HR to sales and beyond, helping leaders better understand both their employees, vendors, customers, and competitors. 

But we live in the era of big data, where numerous apps, platforms and devices are continuously generating unprecedented amounts of information. While more data is generally better than less, it is the insights derived from the data that truly matter—and volume can make those gems harder to find. So how can businesses not only sift through the volume of big data but leverage it for valuable insights that lead to profitable business outcomes? 

For many contact centers, Brightmetrics is the answer.

What is Brightmetrics?

Brightmetrics is an analytics and reporting solution for contact centers and unified communications systems like Genesys Cloud and is fully supported on Mitel and RingCentral and compliments their native reporting. Brightmetrics gathers, analyzes and visualizes data generated by these communication systems during phone calls, chats, and activities on other channels.

While there are other solutions for analytics and reporting, it’s a comprehensive focus on customer engagement and the customer experience that make Brightmetrics stand out.

Brightmetrics isn’t built to simply drill down into contact center performance, it’s designed to help organizations deeply understand and consistently improve contact center performance.

The Difference Between Analytics and Reporting

Brightmetrics sees a clear divide between reporting and analytics. While both are ultimately essential, reporting is an easy-to-understand visualization of what is or has happened. Analytics on the other hand, is a deeper dive into why and how the events occurred.

How Does Brightmetrics Work?

Brightmetrics separates historical and real time analytics, offering a separate platform and custom dashboards for each.2

Historical analytics and reporting makes it easy to tap into a vast amount of data to understand the customer experience over time, set KPIs and evaluate SLAs. Real-time analytics and reporting enables organizations to monitor their call center up to the moment to identify problems and solutions as quickly as possible.

Historical Analytics Highlights

Fully Customizable Dashboards

Whether you are interested in data regarding team efficiency, the customer experience, or anything in between, you can tailor reports and visual representations for any focus area.

Automated Reporting

With parameters set, Brightmetrics can automatically send reports to any designated stakeholder according to the cadence that makes the most sense for your team.

Drill Down Into Customer Analytics

Go from high-level dashboards and KPIs to highly detailed dives into any customer interaction or transaction.

Gain Agent Insights

Use metrics to find what makes your highest performing agents successful, and learn how to pass those strategies and tactics to the team.

Real Time Analytics Highlights

Fully Customizable Dashboards

Like the Historical Analytics offering, Brightmetrics offers fully customizable real-time dashboards, enabling you to track any facet of the call center that is most important to your organization.

Agent Activities

View an up-to-the-second timeline of any agent’s daily activities to see everything they have done on any day.

Real-Time Call Workflows

See into areas like current call volume and calls in que to streamline agent workflows for a better customer experience.

Drill Down Into the Queue

Find deep insights into customer interactions by measuring every aspect of the que—from how long an individual call stays in the que to average daily call times and more.

Why Brightmetrics Really Matters for Businesses

A contact center is the nexus between a company and its customers, which makes it an invaluable source of information for both employee performance and the customer experience.   A simple report on agent and customer interactions may help to illuminate the customer journey, but a tool like Brightmetrics can leverage the data behind the report to increase customer satisfaction and retention.

1 https://brightmetrics.com/blog/reporting-vs-analytics-their-differences-and-importance-for-call-center-management
2 Not all Brightmetrics solutions are necessarily available for all Mitel, Genesys Cloud, and RingCentral products. Reach out to IPC Tech to confirm the applicability of Brightmetrics for your specific needs.

Get Expert Support with Contact Center Analytics

Brightmetrics is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS), which makes for seamless integration with compatible unified communications systems. But seamless integration cannot be achieved without optimized implementation. 

An organization’s contact center infrastructure can greatly impact Brightmetrics configuration requirements and performance. Having an expert like IPC Tech on your side can help ensure you get the most value and the most valuable insights from your investment in Brightmetrics.

If you’re ready to turn your contact center into a source of powerful business intelligence, contact IPC Tech today.