Why ShoreTel Sky?

ShoreTel is dedicated to making feature-rich business communications easy. It all starts with the installation process. IPC’s highly trained and experienced engineers work with each customer and with ShoreTel to ensure that the implementation of ShoreTel Sky is a smooth process from end to end. IPC is also ready to assist customers who have complex configurations or unique requirements.

That’s only the beginning. In 2008, ShoreTel adopted the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a straightforward metric that holds companies and their staff accountable for how they take care of customers. ShoreTel requires no less of its partners. IPC and ShoreTel are committed to delivering exceptional service that goes beyond “satisfied” to create fans who will refer us to other businesses. ShoreTel takes this concept even further by making its current NPS score and current performance statistics publicly available at http://trust.ShoreTelSky.com/.

With ShoreTel Sky, you get all of the features you would expect from an enterprise-class phone system plus ShoreTel Sky Communicator, which provides instant messaging, screen sharing, presence and video chat. ShoreTel Sky integrates with popular CRM applications and provides click-to-dial from any browser and from Microsoft Outlook. You also have the ability to add solutions for contact center, voicemail to email transcription and mobility.