Why Cloud VoIP?

A cloud-based IP communications system delivers many advantages. It eliminates the capital investment in on-premises equipment, and the process of installing equipment onsite. Customers can take advantage of the latest IP communications features quickly and easily as an operational expense.

In addition, the cloud provider takes responsibility for managing, maintaining and supporting the system. This eliminates the need to dedicate IT resources to phone system administration, reduces costs and frees up your staff to focus on business initiatives. With ShoreTel Sky, you get expert implementation, a dedicated team that monitors your system, and on-demand access to training and support.

ShoreTel’s cloud-based solution also removes the limitations from your phone system. You never have to worry about outgrowing your phone system’s capacity. It’s easy to add users, and you pay only for what you use. And you can take advantage of the very latest IP communication features without disruptive hardware and software upgrades.

ShoreTel Sky supports mobility by enabling employees to work from any location with the same user experience. As a result, the cloud provides business continuity as well as the redundancy needed to ensure that your phone system survives a disaster.