It’s far from scientific, but one measure of a smooth-running IT shop is the number of end-user support calls. When IT staff are stuck in a reactive mode, their phones ring nonstop with frantic calls from frustrated users and customers. When IT staff are more proactive, their phones don’t ring because problems are addressed before they reach end-users.

Obviously, it makes more sense to spend time preventing fires rather than fighting them when they’re blazing out of control. Trouble is, many IT shops lack the staff and technology resources to take a proactive approach to managing their infrastructure.

Networks are becoming more and more complex. This complexity makes it difficult to pinpoint the root cause of many network problems, and IT managers end up correcting the same issues repeatedly. With more users and more demand for availability come more serious problems – problems that can only be solved through around-the-clock monitoring and management.

On top of this, today’s dynamic business environment brings a constant influx of new applications and services that require specialized IT skills, making it even more difficult to properly manage and monitor the IT infrastructure across the enterprise. Inevitably, something slips through the cracks and the IT manager’s phone begins ringing off the hook.

The only realistic, cost-effective solution is to out-task these responsibilities to a managed services provider. A comprehensive managed services program will feature sophisticated monitoring and management tools and proven methodologies. The service provider’s skilled IT personnel provide the necessary bench depth to help strained IT departments meet increasingly stringent SLAs.

IPC’s TechFirst managed services ensure optimal network performance, availability and security so enterprises can focus their resources on improving the way they do business.

IT infrastructure and select operational functions, including servers, applications, data storage and backup, virtualization and IP communications, are managed by IPC. Our team provides 24×7 network monitoring along with remote engineering and support, proactive maintenance, troubleshooting and vendor management.

Most importantly, we locate and address problems before they reach the end-user. For example, if you have a network drive that’s nearing capacity, we can alert you to take action before this becomes an issue. You don’t have to rush to correct the problem after the fact and deal with user complaints.

TechFirst can help you reduce those support calls by:

  • Predicting and preventing problems instead of reacting to them.
  • Eliminating performance issues caused by the ever-increasing network demands created by mobile devices, IP telephony and video conferencing.
  • Leveraging best-of-breed management and automation tools to provide scalability and minimize risk.
  • Providing access to the expertise of highly qualified engineers and an integrated support team.
  • Maintaining flexibility to adjust services as business requirements evolve.
  • Refocusing in-house IT resources on strategic, growth-oriented initiatives.

With TechFirst, IT managers are the first to know when network issues arise. The IT team’s focus shifts from putting out fires to innovation and growth, with lower IT costs and better performance. Let our managed services solutions help you move your business forward.