To key trends are shaping the videoconferencing market. One is the cloud: In a recent survey, 56 percent of respondents said that they preferred cloud-based videoconferencing to an on-premises solution. The other is mobile: More than 10 percent of respondents said they used their mobile devices as videoconferencing endpoints, double the number of users reported in 2013.

ShoreTel is taking a leadership position in both these trends with ShoreTel Sky Mobility. A new update empowers ShoreTel users with simple, seamless mobile-enabled video conferencing so that employees can stay connected with their colleagues wherever they may be working.

ShoreTel introduced seamless, mobile-enabled videoconferencing with ShoreTel Mobility 8, the latest version of the ShoreTel Mobility Client. ShoreTel Mobility 8 brings all the features of the ShoreTel Unified Communications system — including videoconferencing — to mobile devices. And now that same functionality is available in the cloud for ShoreTel Sky users.

ShoreTel Sky Mobility makes it easy for users to communicate via video using their smartphones and tablets. The ShoreTel Sky Mobility Client for iOS and Android platforms enables single-touch video calling from the keypad. The solution supports point-to-point video within the enterprise and enables users to add video to existing voice calls or revert a video call to voice-only.

Another enhancement to the ShoreTel Sky Mobility client is the addition of the “join” button for one-touch audio bridge login, which frees users from juggling apps while trying to memorize numbers and passcodes. The “join” button also works with third-party Web collaboration tools.

With ShoreTel Sky Mobility, users can make and receive calls from both enterprise and personal cellular numbers over local or remote Wi-Fi and cellular networks. The best network (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, or cellular) is automatically selected. Fast and automatic network handover helps maintain call continuity across networks, and automatically moves calls to Wi-Fi when available, slashing mobile costs.

Easy to install and activate, the intuitive ShoreTel Sky Mobility user interface provides a powerful yet lightweight way to stay connected and collaborate effectively, while driving productivity and improving responsiveness.

ShoreTel Sky is part of IPC’s Light Path Open division blended business communications framework. We can help you take advantage of cloud-based mobile videoconferencing backed by ShoreTel’s reliability and support.