Unified Communications

The traditional “siloed” communications infrastructure no longer meets the requirements of today’s extended enterprise. That’s why a growing number of organizations are using their data networks to support a wide range of IP-based communications services, including voice and video.

  • IP telephony unites branch locations and teleworkers onto the central phone system. It also allows flexibility — instead of being tied to a physical phone jack, employees plug their IP phone sets into the nearest data port and log in to accept calls and access phone system features.
  • IP videoconferencing and Web-based collaboration tools reduce travels costs, improve decision-making and enable businesses to respond quickly to customer demand.
  • Unified communications makes it possible to manage voice calls, e-mail, instant messaging and all forms of conferencing from a single user interface.
  • Merging IP communications onto the data network reduces operational costs because there is just one infrastructure to support and maintain.

The integration of communications and data services enables organizations to transform key business processes and increase efficiency. IPC Technologies specializes in helping organizations take advantage of IP-based communications to help reduce costs, improve productivity and boost the bottom line.