Modern computing requirements are putting a strain on legacy network designs. Mobile, cloud, big data and collaboration technologies all have contributed to increased network complexity — along with a corresponding rise in network performance problems. Nearly three-quarters of network professionals report that network issues significantly impact the business each year.

Improving Communications Networks

Our certified Customer Success Representatives have broad and deep expertise with both conventional and next-generation network designs. We work with clients to manage and improve their wired and wireless networks, and provide guidance on the latest software-defined solutions that can speed network modernization efforts.


The wireless network has become a mission-critical component of the IT infrastructure. Wi-Fi now moves more than half of all Internet traffic, and has helped make mobile the primary digital platform for business users in the U.S. IPC has been designing, implementing and securing wireless networks for more than two decades. Our portfolio of managed solutions includes comprehensive, real-time monitoring, management and support of wireless networks.

Software-Defined Network

We leverage our expertise in both networking and programming to help clients create programmable SDN networks that automate many labor-intensive configuration and management tasks. With SDN, administrators can control all network devices through a software interface instead of having to physically access and manually configure them.


Conventional wide-area networks (WANs) often can’t provide the bandwidth or Quality of Service (QoS) to meet the demands of voice, video and other interactive applications. We help clients overcome these limitations with a unique software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution that prioritizes traffic to ensure critical applications have the network resources they need.