IP Phone Systems

Legacy phone systems use a proprietary, hard-wired infrastructure and complicated protocols that make them difficult to modify, manage and maintain. Voice over Internet Protocol enables organizations to eliminate that complexity and gain a more flexible, integrated communications platform.

IP phone systems leverage the data network to deliver voice calls, conferencing and many other communication services. Browser-based administration makes it easy to add users and configure the system. Instead of being tied to a physical phone jack, employees plug their IP phone sets into the nearest data port and log in to accept calls and access phone system features.

Merging IP communications onto the data network reduces operational costs because there is just one infrastructure to support. VoIP also unites branch locations and teleworkers on the central phone system, and makes it possible to streamline business processes by integrating communications and data services.

IPC has a proven track record of success delivering Mitel IP phone systems. Mitel’s purpose-built VoIP solutions are reliable, secure and easy-to-use, with a single-image architecture that provides a consistent user experience across onsite and cloud deployments. Together, IPC and Mitel can implement a robust IP phone system that will meet your needs now and in the future.