Contact Center

Customers expect to communicate with your organization on the channels they prefer, be that voice, email, chat, SMS or social. However, many contact center applications are challenging to integrate with the IP communications infrastructure, and create an inconsistent customer experience. Mitel has developed an easy-to-implement solution that enables seamless interactions with customers.

Mitel’s portfolio of flexible contact center solutions provide advanced features such as intelligent call routing and media handling and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Contact center agents can respond to all customer requests through a single interface that is easy to use and navigate. Telecommuting features enable organizations to support work-at-home programs and tap a wider pool of talent while ensuring effective communication both externally and internally

Powerful management tools enable supervisors to quickly and easily design the optimal customer experience, and gain unmatched visibility into customer interactions in order to improve productivity and performance. The platform also includes a framework for seamless integration with and other third-party applications.

IPC has extensive experience in the design and implementation of Mitel contact center solutions. We can help you leverage the efficiency and simplicity of Mitel to provide an exceptional customer experience in today’s multichannel environment.