In today’s highly mobile, 24×7 business environment, collaboration tools have become critical to success. Employees need an efficient means of communicating with colleagues, sharing documents, and meeting virtually across time zones and geographies. Collaboration tools also allow for more productive engagement with managers, partners and customers.

User adoption is the key to success with any collaboration initiative. That’s why it’s critical to adopt collaboration technology that’s easy-to-use, enabling users to access the tools they need without complex scheduling or administration. Integration with familiar productivity tools further simplifies and automates collaboration to enhance the user experience.

The Mitel Connect communications platform incorporates a full suite of collaboration tools into one intuitive, wizard-based interface. Users can access voice, conferencing, instant messaging and more without separate logins, dial-ins or passcodes, and gain a rich set of features that save time and improve workflows. Best of all, Mitel Connect is a “forgiving” app that enables users to focus on communication rather than making the technology work.

IPC has helped organizations of all sizes and in a wide range of industries capitalize on the value of Mitel collaboration. Let us help you develop a collaboration strategy and provide for seamless and natural communication throughout your organization.