UC Technologies


Unified communications (UC) blurs the lines between voice, video, email, instant messaging (IM) and other communication tools, integrating them all into a single interface. Users can begin a conversation with IM, then move to a phone call or video conference with a single click. Presence technology shows at glance whether a user is busy or available, and their preferred mode of communication, eliminating phone tag and enabling more intelligent call routing. Organizations can also embed communication capabilities into business applications, and extend them to mobile devices.

The IP phone system serves as the foundation for a UC platform. With the right IP telephony solution in place, organizations can deliver a rich set of collaboration tools across the extended enterprise. UC also supports multichannel contact centers that drive revenue and enhance the customer experience.

Not all UC solutions are created equal. Some vendors use the term to market standalone services that aren’t fully integrated. When selecting a UC platform, look for a solution that provides a robust suite of tools, an intuitive interface and integration with third-party apps. Let IPC help you evaluate the various options and implement a solution that improves productivity, streamlines business processes and boosts the bottom line.

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