Ruckus Wireless

The latest wireless LAN (WLAN) solutions deliver performance that is comparable to wired networks, yet are less expensive to install than traditional cabling. And by boosting staff efficiency, WLANs offer a compelling ROI — in fact, many organizations are finding that a WLAN can pay for itself in as little as two or three months.

The short payback doesn’t mean that organizations should skimp on planning and implementation. It’s important to approach wireless networking strategically, since an inadequate or insecure system could wipe out any potential benefits. That’s why IPC has partnered with Ruckus Wireless to deliver WLAN solutions that will meet network coverage and performance requirements and integrate with existing systems.

  • Ruckus WLAN solutions deliver intelligent RF routing and Smart Wi-Fi meshing to deliver extended range, reliability and interference avoidance. Organizations can eliminate the cost of pulling Ethernet cable while ensuring a consistent user experience.
  • Ruckus ZoneFlex outdoor access points are ideal for schools, hotels, resorts, shipping facilities and other outdoor areas where cabling is not possible. ZoneFlex access points are built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions yet feature state-of-the-art technology that delivers outstanding performance.
  • MediaFlex is a carrier-class technology purpose-built to ensure that service providers can support voice, video and data with the highest quality of service delivery.

The certified engineers at IPC consult with customers to determine the necessary network coverage, and implement and test the system to ensure the customer’s satisfaction. IPC and Ruckus can implement a cost-effective WLAN infrastructure that provides flexibility without compromise.