LifeSize Videoconferencing

Given today’s budget constraints, many organizations are seeking innovative ways to increase efficiency, improve effectiveness and reduce costs. Video conferencing does just that. It is proven to cut travel costs and associated downtime, increase productivity, enhance customer service and reduce time to market of new products and services. Furthermore, conferencing can help organizations become more flexible and resilient through faster decision-making, increased agility and improved responsiveness to customer demand.

  • IPC, through its partnership with LifeSize, brings you the industry’s only complete high-definition video product portfolio.
  • The LifeSize HD video architecture was built from the ground up to deliver high-quality, mainstream visual communication. LifeSize video conferences are as easy to set up as making a phone call, yet deliver a telepresence experience that makes you think you’re there in person.
  • LifeSize enables video conference participants to share documents, presentations and multimedia.
  • LifeSize offers a wide range of solutions to fit every budget — from the desktop to large video conferencing centers. LifeSize solutions are modular and flexible, and can scale to meet changing needs.
  • LifeSize technology is standards-based and can be integrated with a wide range of equipment.

Video conferencing no longer means choppy screens, poor audio and a bunch of talking heads. HD IP video conferencing is here, it’s affordable and it works. IPC and LifeSize can show you how.

And now LifeSize delivers the connected experience in a cloud-based solution. LifeSize Cloud is the simplest, easiest-to-use video solution that puts all the people you need to meet with in the same room, whenever, wherever and with whatever devices they’d like.

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