IoT in K-12

The Internet of Things (IoT) makes it possible to connect devices, assets and students in a way that improves security, increases efficiency and lowers costs. IPC’s IoT practice is offering a suite of carefully vetted solutions that help streamline operations and ensure student safety in K-12 schools.

  • School Bus Tracking. IPC’s school bus tracking solution uses embedded sensors, GPS and intuitive software to capture activity in real time. Delivered in partnership with Propel GPS, this solution provides fleet managers with an easy-to-read dashboard with information on driver behavior, vehicles in use and maintenance requirements. Schools have reported 24 percent greater efficiency, 20 percent savings in fuel and 10 percent payroll savings.
  • Social Media Monitoring. Leveraging big data applications, we proactively monitor social media posts to proactively identify threats of violence, risks of suicide, possible bullying, drug abuse and other risky behaviors. Alerts are delivered within minutes.
  • Student Safety. Wearable devices and smartphone apps make it possible to track students from the bus to the classroom and back to the bus, ensuring that all are accounted for. IPC is offering Aware360’s affordable people-tracking solution, which can be integrated with video surveillance, security systems and IP communication platforms to enhance safety and trigger automated alerts in an emergency.

IPC takes a consultative approach in developing IoT solutions for K-12 schools. Let’s discuss how the IoT can save money, automate mundane tasks, improve decision-making and provide greater transparency for all stakeholders.