Software-Defined WAN

Voice, video and other interactive applications have the potential to deliver new levels of business agility and productivity — if your WAN can handle them. However, many organizations are now relying upon broadband Internet links for WAN connectivity. These services save money but provide only “best effort” delivery of data. As a result, the WAN cannot meet the real-time requirements of today’s interactive applications.

InSpeed resolves these performance issues. This unique software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution prioritizes traffic to ensure that critical applications have the network resources they need for reliable performance. Delivered via a combination of a proprietary cloud service and a small on-premises appliance, InSpeed provides the Quality of Service needed for Voice over IP and videoconferencing.


In “best effort” IP networks, traffic and routing issues may delay some data packets and cause them to arrive out of order. That’s fine for emails, text files or web browsing, but it’s a big problem for voice, video and other real-time applications. Delays create serious performance issues for real-time applications, such as garbled speech, annoying echoes, video artifacts and unresponsive applications.

Large enterprise organizations often sidestep this issue with a private WAN using dedicated MPLS circuits for point-to-point connectivity. However, at up to $1000 per month for just 5Mbps, MPLS isn’t cost-effective for small and midsize businesses. Broadband Internet provides many times the bandwidth at a small fraction of the cost.


InSpeed creates a VPN tunnel between the onsite appliance and a cloud-based central controller, allowing Internet traffic to bypass “last mile” and carrier central office “intersections.” This establishes a secure, high-performance site-to-site connection that enables the prioritization of traffic over broadband Internet links.

Once the onsite appliance is plugged in, it self-configures and automatically begins prioritizing traffic based upon delivery requirements. Delay-sensitive voice and video data packets get preferred treatment. The cloud-based controller also applies load-balancing and traffic-shaping algorithms to streamline connectivity.

InSpeed operates over any type of WAN connection, including low-cost DSL or cable. No changes to your network or complex configuration are required. The solution can be installed and taken live in days, not months, and is monitored and managed around the clock. Customers also gain a dashboard view of the health of their WAN.