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A colocation center is a data center facility in which a business can rent space for servers and other computing hardware. Many colocation providers sell to a wide range of customers, ranging from large enterprises to small companies. Typically, they provide the building, cooling, power, bandwidth, and physical security while the customer provides servers and storage. Customers retain control over the design and usage of their equipment, but daily management of the data center and facility is overseen by the multi-tenant colocation provider. Safeguard your mission-critical applications and systems with colocation. 

The Benefits of Colocation

Lower Costs

When comparing the costs of a colocation data center with the option of building your own facility, the choice is obvious.

Fewer Technical Staff

The data center will handle hardware, manage power, and any other technical processes. This means you don’t need to employ a large IT staff.

Exceptional Reliability

High specifications for redundancy, include backup power, multiple network connections through several telcos, and much more.

Easy Scalability

When your business is growing, new servers or other equipment can be quickly and easily added to the facility.

Security & Compliance

Data centers often include in-house security officers, perimeter fencing, mantrap entries, IP-DVR cameras, biometrics and keycard scanners.

Managed Services

By opting for colocation, you also gain access to experts in the field to provide services such as remote hands, monitoring, and maintenance.

Is Colocation Right for My Business?

  • Are you looking for a secure environment to relocate your application infrastructure?
  • What, if any, compliances does your organization need to adhere to?
  • Do you need geographic redundancy for your applications? If so, what are acceptable regions to consider?
  • How much space, power, and types of network connectivity will be required?
  • What, if any, existing carriers do you need connectivity within a new facility?

Today’s organizations are finding it more convenient to move their critical assets into a more secure and resilient environment. This helps with uptime, performance, and disaster recovery.

Did You Know?

A number of colocation companies allow customers to buy a data center as a service, paying only for what they consume.

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IPC will take the time to understand your business and evaluate the factors that would make the best colocation option for you. We’ll evaluate data centers for factors such as geographic locations, environmental concerns in that region, data center tier needed, and security and compliance factors. And we will be there to assure you get the help needed in your build and migration.