Green Cloud Disaster Recovery

According to TechRadar, half of all companies will experience a data loss incident this year, resulting in business disruption, delays in delivering products or services, and poor customer service. Organizations that experience these incidents often find that their backup processes have failed or the data is corrupted or unusable. Even if data is properly backed up, it won’t prevent the downtime associated with server failure.

Green Cloud provides cloud data storage and backup built upon world-class technology from industry leaders. The company makes data more secure, and ensures that you can recover vital information and be back in operation within hours of a disaster. But the solution doesn’t stop there — it mirrors critical servers so that they can be brought up as needed.

Green Cloud works with each customer to develop a disaster recovery plan that ensures preparedness. Each solution is then fully tested to prove that business-critical systems and data will be back up and running in about four hours should a disaster strike.

Green Cloud also provides an alternative meeting space should your facility be unavailable. The company’s iMeet solution is an audio and videoconferencing and document repository service that enables executives to meet virtually and make important decisions during a crisis.

IPC is proud to offer the Green Cloud disaster recovery solution. With Green Cloud, IPC provides comprehensive disaster recovery that protects against data loss and extended downtime.