Business Process and Workflow Integration

Although technology solutions and services can create immense benefits, they can quickly become overly complex and burdensome if not effectively integrated with key business processes. Independent solutions that don’t interoperate can create functional silos that wreck efficiency.

That’s because most workflows involve a number of processes that require effective communication and the synchronization of data across multiple business applications and systems. For example, an order fulfillment workflow likely might move through multiple individuals in diverse business units drawing data from sales and inventory, back-office accounting, warehouse management, shipping, logistics and more.

IPC consultants have a deep understanding of the key workflow management techniques in use today. We can analyze and recommend changes to your workflows and business processes to ensure the smooth exchange of data across the extended enterprise. We can also work with you to design and implement workflow integration solutions that work in concert with your business communication platform to reduce complexity, improve efficiency and enable flexibility to meet changing requirements.