IPC Solutions

Change is constant in the world of business technology, and organizations often find that traditional processes and systems aren’t keeping up. IPC, A Mitel Partner, has a deep understanding of the new digital technologies that can help you eliminate complexity, improve productivity and provide an unmatched customer experience.

Omnichannel Communications Solutions and Support

Customer Experience Consulting 

Consumers today are more tech-savvy than ever, and they expect to interact with businesses over a variety of channels. IPC can help you develop new ways to attract, engage and delight your customers.

Business Process and Workflow Integration

 IPC can help you improve efficiency and productivity by optimizing workflows to ensure that your business processes are repeatable, reliable and cost-effective.

Hospitality Guest Experience 

We can help you plan and deploy a range of technologies to create a frictionless and personalized experience that your guests will value and remember.

Digital Transformation

 Digital transformation isn’t just about launching new cloud, mobile and data analytics technologies — it involves integrating them for maximum effect. IPC can help.