Virtual CTO

The effective use of technology can help organizations reduce costs, increase productivity, enhance customer service and gain a competitive edge. Yet many organizations are unable to achieve these results because they lack IT expertise at the executive level.

IPC offers a “Virtual CTO” program that enables organizations to tap the expertise of an experienced CTO to develop an IT strategy and oversee the implementation of that strategy in alignment with the organization’s business goals.

The IPC CTO can help:

  • Identify technology trends that could impact the organization
  • Participate in IT-related business decisions
  • Manage opportunities and risks
  • Develop policies and implement procedures
  • Drive IT initiatives to successful completion

The strategy developed by the IPC CTO is implemented by our Elite Engineering Team. These engineers honed their skills in diverse environments and have broad and deep experience across the data center and network.

Together, IPC’s CTOs and Elite Engineering Team enable you to:

  • Gain the perspective of seasoned professionals who have overseen many projects encompassing a wide range of hardware and software solutions
  • Obtain vendor-agnostic recommendations and pragmatic business solutions enabled by proven technology
  • Enjoy these benefits without having to pay the top salaries and benefits commanded by CTO-level executives and high-end engineers

You can access IPC’s CTOs on a part-time basis for as long as needed, with the opportunity to re-engage in the future if the need arises. IPC CTOs can work with your in-house team and bring on additional engineering talent as needed to complete projects.