Telecom Expense Management

Given that 20 percent of the typical IT budget is spent on telecom services, it is critical that organizations properly manage and monitor telecom expenses. Yet many organizations struggle to get a handle on telecom contracts and invoices – particularly those organizations that have multiple locations, have grown by mergers and acquisitions, or have a cloud-based infrastructure.

With so many moving parts, it’s difficult for organizations to understand telecom expenses, much less manage and control them. That’s why telecom expense management is a key component of what we do at IPC Technologies.

Before we recommend or implement any of our IT solutions, our consultants can help you determine exactly what telecom services, equipment and contracts you have, why you have them, how much they cost, what benefits they deliver, and whether or not you’re being overcharged. We will then recommend ways you can:

  • Eliminate unneeded services, overlaps and redundancies
  • Consolidate contracts to relieve complexity and gain economies of scale
  • Optimize mobile voice and data costs
  • Best take advantage of the cloud

Although telecom expense management has become a business necessity, it isn’t a core capability for most organizations. By thoroughly analyzing not only your telecom environment but your entire network and cloud environment, IPC Technologies can identify opportunities to reduce costs and complexity, consolidate services and infrastructure, and simplify telecom expense management.