Mitel Summit Consulting Services

Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) solutions make it possible to integrate real-time communication functionality into business software, enabling organizations to streamline workflows, increase productivity and enhance the customer experience. Mitel Summit is a fully hosted CPaaS offering that eliminates the need to buy and manage the back-end infrastructure required to support communication services.

The Summit platform includes a suite of tools for developing, testing and deploying customized voice and text messaging services. Applications developed using Summit take advantage of Mitel’s carrier-class network for high availability, with patented technologies that ensure performance, security and regulatory compliance support. The Summit architecture also optimizes call quality by reducing latency.

In addition, Summit offers powerful functionality, such as the ability to process complex logic in real time. This makes it possible to create personalized customer experiences without compromising call quality.

IPC’s Consulting Services Group is a team of consultants and developers who can help customers take advantage of Mitel Summit to create applications with advanced communications capabilities. IPC’s consultants engage with customers to determine their needs and design a customized solution. From there, developers will build, test and implement the software using the Summit platform. Customers gain a partner with years of Mitel experience and strong development skills, enabling them to reduce costs and speed time-to-market.