Staff Augmentation

As technology has become more complex, organizations have found it increasingly difficult to maintain all of the IT resources they need in-house. Even IT organizations with significant expertise may find they need help with a particular problem or project. Staff augmentation from StaffFirst can help customers successfully meet today’s IT challenges.

Staff augmentation helps fill skills gaps quickly and efficiently, and gives IT departments increased agility and budget flexibility. Unlike other outsourcing arrangements that require organizations to restructure their operations to support a supplier-managed service delivery model, staff augmentation injects business-specific inputs into the customer’s existing processes. It provides rapid access to needed resources in a model that can scale up or down quickly with minimal impact on the existing IT organization.

The best staff augmentation relationships emphasize shared risks and goals to ensure successful problem resolution or project outcome. At StaffFirst, we bring significant IT expertise and a commitment to developing strategic partnerships focused on the core business needs of our customers. We can deliver individualized staffing services to support and extend existing internal resources in order to improve IT project outcomes while ensuring sure that core IT systems stay within internal control.