The past year has brought a seismic shift in how, when and where we work, and the days of reporting to an office Monday through Friday for a 9-to-5 workday may be gone for good. The remote work experiment has been so successful that most organizations expect to maintain a hybrid environment in which employees can split time between home and the office.

The hybrid model does present some challenges, however. It requires a mix of on-premises and cloud-based technologies to support new business processes and organizational structures alongside legacy applications and infrastructure.

Following are our suggestions for creating a hybrid environment that supports the consistent delivery of resources to a distributed workforce.

Create Multiple Connections

Employees need the same levels of connectivity and support whether they are working from home or in the office. This requires the implementation and integration of a variety of cloud-based business productivity, conferencing and collaboration applications that allow employees to be efficient from either locale. IPC recommends these tools and services:

  • Mitel’s MiCollab allows users to access unified communication features through either a desktop client, a softphone app or supported mobile devices. With MiCollab, users can collaborate anywhere on any deice with the same set of tools and a consistent look and feel. It provides advanced conferencing features such as remote desktop control, screen sharing, public and private chats, file transfers, and more.
  • Mitel’s MiTeam Meetings enables real-time video conferencing across time zones and geographies. It leverages the Amazon Web Services global cloud infrastructure to integrate video, chat and voice with MiCollab to provide a real-time, virtual meeting and workspace.
  • MiTeam is a digital workspace solution that allows users to connect with colleagues, customers and partners. It creates an integrated workstream with messaging, content sharing, white boarding, task assignment, and real-time voice and collaborative meetings.

Enhance Network Performance

You cannot support the hybrid model without reliable network performance. Remote access to business applications, communication, collaboration and streaming video services increases network traffic and connectivity demands. We recommend:

  • Performance management software. Mitel Performance Analytics helps maintain optimal performance by proactively monitoring and analyzing your network in real time, with a special focus on voice quality. A variety of network diagnostic tools enable easy testing and troubleshooting from any device.

Enable Digital Customer Engagements

It is critical that customers have a seamless experience when interacting with your representatives, wherever they are. Robust remote contact center abilities help ensure that customers can connect with your remote employees in their preferred way, whether by chat, phone or video. Consider these solutions:

  • Contact Center-as-a-Service. CCaaS solutions such asMiCloud Connect CX make it easy for organizations to move away from outdated technology and take advantage of advanced toolsets for fast, effective service across a range of channels. APIs enable rapid integration with a broad range of cloud-based and on-premises applications, making it relatively simple to add new features and scale up or down based on demand.
  • Contact center analytics. Mitel incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities such as chatbots, agent assist and topic modeling algorithms into its portfolio of contact center solutions. AI tools help contact center agents gain rapid access to actionable intelligence that help them deliver a more automated and efficient customer experience.


Employers and employees alike report that remote work has been an overwhelming success, according to a new study from PwC, and a large majority of both groups expect to continue working from home at least part of the week for the foreseeable future. Mitel’s solution portfolio can provide many of the capabilities needed to support this hybrid work model. Give us a call to learn more.