New ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center Delivers Enhanced Multichannel Support

Today’s customers want to do business via email, text, chat and social media, as well as by phone. To optimize the customer experience, organizations need a fully integrated contact center that enables consistent communications across all communication channels.

Getting it right is critical. Consider these results from recent surveys:

  • 80 percent of the lifetime “touch points” you have with any given customer occur within your contact center.
  • Businesses lose 20 percent of revenue, on average, by not offering a consistent, positive customer experience.
  • 89 percent of customers have switched brands due to a bad customer experience.

As a result, 93 percent of executives say that improving the customer experience is among their top three priorities, and 91 percent say they want to be perceived as a customer experience leader in their industry. But achieving those goals becomes more and more challenging as the number of customers and communications channels increase.

Organizations need more sophisticated technology tools that enable them to effectively scale their contact centers capabilities to handle more interactions. Otherwise, the only option is to add more agents, which is not cost-effective.

To meet these demands, ShoreTel has released a new version of ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center that maximizes the number of interactions a contact center agent can efficiently handle, enabling organizations to serve more customers in whatever channel the customer choses to use. ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center 9 uses advanced business logic to define how many and what type of interactions each individual agent can handle, allowing business managers to tune the contact center for maximum performance without compromising customer satisfaction.

ShoreTel Contact Center 9 also provides enhanced multichannel and multi-device support along with improved reporting for greater business insights, further helping to improve the customer experience. And it’s available at no additional cost to current ShoreTel users. If you are looking for new ways to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction, ShoreTel and IPC Technologies can help.

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