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MiVoice Connect Edge Gateway

This brief PDF shows the major benefits of the Edge Gateway, including a consistent experience for both office-based and remote employees, streamlining and securing remote endpoints, and eliminating a VPN requirement.  Read More.

MiVoice Connect IP Phone Overview

This quick PDF shows the major and benefits of MiVoice Connect 6900 IP Series and IP 400 Series phone systems. Includes an informative comparison table for seven specific IP phone models.  Read More.

The Mitel Headset Lineup

This PDF shows Mitel’s headset family and explores the major features and benefits of five different models, including the H10 Stereo USB Headset, Integrated DECT Cordless Headset and the H40 Stereo DECT Cordless Headset.  Read More.

Deploying MiVoice Connect with VMware

This PDF is a guide to the resources and requirements for deploying Mitel MiVoice Connect in a virtual environment using VMware. Subjects include supported VMware and Versions and Features, configuring the MiVoice virtual machines, and configuration best practices.   Read More.

Network Best Practices for Mitel MiVoice Connect

This technical PDF explores data networking best practices, including Data Network VoIP topics such as Understanding VLAN Design, Configuring VLANs for IP Phones, DHCP, Automatic VLAN Assignment, QoS Design, Configuring LAN & WAN QoS, AutoQoS, Port Security and MTU Considerations.  Read More.

MiVoice Connect Product Plans

This quick guide will help you choose the right unified communication and collaboration combination for your business. See product plan benefits and the features of Essentials, Standard and Advanced.
  Read More.

MiVoice Business Overview

In today’s fast-paced, competitive, technology-led business environment, business success is built upon establishing & maintaining relationships, providing exceptional levels of service, and connecting with customers & colleagues in a timely manner. Having the ability to quickly and effectively communicate and collaborate with customers, partners, colleagues and suppliers is critical to the growth of your business.  Read More.

Mitel MiVoice Border Gateway

Employees require the workplace to be flexible, to enable them to be mobile and work from remote locations and on different devices whenever they need to. Easily build upon your Mitel® communications investment and extend unified communications capabilities to remote workers.  Read More.

Engineering Guidelines for MiVoice Business

Mitel® MiVoice Business is the brand name of the call-processing software that runs on several hardware platforms including industry-standard servers and the Mitel 3300 ICP. These guidelines will assist you in planning an installation of a MiVoice Business Communications Platform and should act as useful reminders or pointers that should be considered before installation.  Read More.

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