IPC’s Fall 2019 webinar series offers informative sessions on a wide range of topics.

IPC is pleased to announce our Fall 2019 webinar series. These information-packed, hour-long sessions are designed to help you derive even greater value from your Mitel communications platform. They will also provide actionable insight into strategies that can increase productivity, enhance customer relationships and improve business outcomes.

We hope you’ll take a minute to register now for all of the sessions that interest you. We’ll also be sending out invitations as we get closer to each event.

9/3/2019 — 2pm EDT

Better Insights into Communication

Do you have ready access to the data you need to manage and support your communications platform? The Brightmetrics analytics solution for MiVoice Connect collects and correlates data from multiple sources so you can make the best decisions for your organization. It can be configured to precisely meet your business requirements, and allows you to dive as deep into the data as needed. This webinar will show you how the advanced reporting and troubleshooting capabilities of Brightmetrics can give you better insight into communication.

9/17/2019 — 11:00 am EDT

Mitel MiCollab Client

MiCollab gives you everything you need to communicate and collaborate in one integrated solution. With powerful tools for voice, video, messaging, presence, audio conferencing, mobility and team collaboration, and a consistent experience across every device, the MiCollab client helps boost productivity, keep teams connected and keep projects on track. In this webinar, you’ll get an in-depth look at the features and capabilities of the MiCollab client.

10/8/2019 — 2:00 pm EDT

MiVoice Connect Administrative Training

MiVoice Connect Director is a web-based tool for managing a MiVoice Connect system from anywhere on an IP network. You use Connect Director to configure and maintain all aspects of the Mitel Connect system. Connect Director also includes maintenance pages that let you view status and issue maintenance commands for system components, including remote servers. In this webinar you’ll learn how to manage users, navigate the various features, and generate reports.

10/22/2019 — 11:00 am EDT

Tell Me about Your Customers!

You are probably capturing a wealth of customer data in your MiVoice Connect contact center platform, but are you taking full advantage of it? In this webinar, you’ll learn about the powerful reporting features of MiVoice Connect and how you can leverage them to gain the business intelligence needed to make better business decisions. With the right reports, you’ll not only be able to quickly respond to customer demands but anticipate customer needs.

11/5/2019 — 2:00 pm EST

Attention Road Warriors!

If you spend most of your time away from your desk, you know the critical importance of having communication and collaboration tools right on your mobile device. This webinar will provide an overview of Mitel’s mobility solutions for anytime, anywhere access. Mitel’s industry-leading mobility solutions give road warriors the same feature-rich communications experience they have in the office, no matter where they are or what device they are using.

11/19/2019 — 11:00 am EST

Migrating to SIP?

SIP trunking plays an important role in unified communications, connecting both IP and analog devices via the Internet and eliminating the need to maintain separate voice circuits or replace legacy equipment. If you’re planning to migrate to SIP, you won’t want to miss the webinar. We’ll debunk some SIP trunking myths and show you how to plan for the migration.

12/10/2019 — 2:00 pm EST

Build a Better Work-from-Home Communication Strategy

You have users who work from home. They need full access to the corporate communications and collaboration tools. This webinar will show you how to develop a strategy for integrating your work-from-home users with your Mitel unified communications platform. Your remote workers will feel more engaged and connected, and have the resources they need to be productive.

12/24/2019 — 11:00 am EST

Best Path to the Cloud

More and more organizations are migrating their unified communications to the cloud, but is it right for you? This webinar will address the benefits and potential challenges of cloud-based Unified-Communications-as-a-Service solutions, and some of the things you’ll need to consider in developing a migration plan.