Is Your UC System Being Managed Effectively?


Organizations are increasing their use of unified communications (UC) services, which combine voice, presence, instant messaging and other features under a single interface. A study by New Zealand-based UC provider Virsae found that most organizations have adopted some aspects of UC and expect to adopt even more in the future. In many cases, however, IT teams are struggling to manage UC systems effectively.

Traditionally, phone systems existed apart from the IT infrastructure and required a completely different set of skills than “data” technology. Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems changed all that by bringing voice calls onto the data network. IP-based UC systems utilize servers, storage, virtualization and network connectivity just like any other mission-critical application — and should be managed accordingly.

As more UC features are added to the ecosystem, management becomes even more critical. Many features are interdependent, and require careful configuration, capacity planning and ongoing monitoring to ensure that they are performing optimally. The complexity increases for organizations that have deployed UC systems across multiple locations.

The symptoms of a poorly managed UC system will be evident to the user: dropped calls, garbled conversations and jerky video result when the network lacks the bandwidth and Quality of Service to support growing UC workloads.

Few organizations have the monitoring tools needed to see what’s happening at the application level and determine how to resolve performance problems. As a result, a “break/fix” mentality prevails when it comes to UC operations. IT best practices such as root cause analysis and incident and problem management are seldom applied to UC. However, a Nemertes Research benchmark study found that specialized monitoring and management tools dramatically reduce operational costs by providing full systems visibility, reporting services and more.

IPC has invested in these tools and offers expert monitoring and management from our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC). IPC’s engineers have decades of IP phone system experience, and stay up-to-date on the latest VoIP and UC technologies. They follow proven processes to deliver highly efficient services and support to customers nationwide. Most support can be handled remotely, speeding problem resolution and minimizing business disruption.

IPC also performs proactive maintenance of phone systems, networks and related gear to ensure the reliability and performance of customers’ phone systems. Data collection and reporting enable IPC engineers to identify configuration problems and potential bottlenecks, and provide recommendations regarding future capacity requirements.

With 55,000 endpoints currently under maintenance, IPC has the people, processes and technology for prompt troubleshooting of system issues and end-user support requests. Let us show you how our ongoing management and support services help you maximize your technology investments by ensuring the availability and performance of your UC system.