The online TEACHINGpoint subscription service helps to reduce teacher turnover and improve both teacher and student success.

RICHMOND, Va. — April 23, 2018 — IPC is now offering TEACHINGpoint’s catalog of online instructional support materials to K-12 school districts nationwide. The TEACHINGpoint service features more than 120 resources in 16 core and elective subject areas, with access to subject-specific teacher mentoring. The program assists in the recruitment, development and retention of teachers, and provides personalized student learning.

“IPC has had long relationships with a number of school districts, and we continue to develop new and innovative technology solutions to meet the needs of the K-12 education sector,” said Jeff Andrews, Executive Vice President, IPC. “We, along with our partners, have assisted schools in unified communications and messaging, fleet management, energy efficiency, security, and disaster avoidance. After evaluating the TEACHINGpoint service, we felt that it was a tremendous resource to help schools support and empower their teachers.”

For just $2 per student in the district per month, teachers gain access to suggested lesson plans, editable PowerPoint presentations, student activity books and lab manuals, and editable assessments. This saves teachers hundreds of hours of prep time while better preparing them for new assignments. Among 774 teachers enrolled in the program, content mastery improved from a pre-test score of 58 percent to a post-test score of 90 percent.

The program also includes a personalized learning system for students, with tracking for teachers, that provides a login to text and videos for topics in which they may need assistance or practice. In a demonstration project, 86 percent of at-risk and second-language-learners using the system passed their high school exit exam vs. 30 percent of students not using it.

“Schools face mandates such as the “Every Student Succeeds Act,” which requires that all students be taught by a highly qualified teacher, and the U.S. Department of Education Educator Equity Plan, which requires states and districts to address the unequal distribution of highly qualified and highly effective teachers,” Andrews said. “The TEACHINGpoint program addresses these requirements, while also helping to reduce teacher shortages and recruitment-related expenses, which can exceed $20,000 per candidate.”