FastSpectrum Powered by InSpeed gives customers high-quality voice and videoconferencing over low-cost Internet connections.

RICHMOND, Va. — Sept. 15, 2016 — IPC has introduced a new solution that enables customers to reduce telecom costs while ensuring Quality of Service for voice, videoconferencing and other real-time applications. FastSpectrum Powered by InSpeed is a software-defined WAN solution that uses an onsite appliance and fully managed cloud service to automatically streamline real-time applications over low-cost Internet connections.

“When customers complain of poor-quality voice and video communications, the WAN is usually the culprit,” said Jeff Andrews, Executive Vice President, IPC. “Many customers are replacing MPLS services with Internet connections to save money, but the Internet provides only ‘best-effort’ data delivery. Latency, jitter and packet loss result in garbled phone calls and jerky, pixelated video.

”FastSpectrum creates a secure VPN tunnel between the onsite appliance and the Internet backbone, prioritizing WAN traffic and bypassing the performance bottlenecks that occur in ‘last-mile’ connections. It also allows you to use two or three Internet links to create one high-bandwidth, highly reliable connection at a small fraction of the cost of MPLS.”

FastSpectrum can be installed and taken live in days without any changes to the existing network. The appliance automatically self-configures and begins prioritizing WAN traffic based upon predefined policies. Advanced software continuously adjusts bandwidth according to traffic flows and application requirements. IPC’s engineers monitor and manage the solution around the clock to ensure reliability and performance.

“IPC has partnered with InSpeed Networks to deliver this solution to customers, and we have completed successful deployments,” Andrews said. “Our customers are already experiencing the performance, quality, reliability and cost savings that FastSpectrum delivers.”