New client app enables users to search for contacts, control calls, and manage ShoreTel events and conferencing within Google tools.

RICHMOND, Va. — February 22, 2017 — ShoreTel has introduced ShoreTel Connect for Chrome browser, a new client app that delivers a unified experience between ShoreTel Connect, G Suite and Google Chrome. IPC is excited to help customers take advantage of this new offering, which enables Chrome and G Suite business users to optimize workflows and increase efficiency.

“Million businesses, including many large enterprises, have adopted Google Chrome and G Suite. Chrome is the No.1 browser, and G Suite is a set of highly secure, cloud-based productivity tools that enable teams to collaborate and share information,” said Jeff Andrews, Executive Vice President, IPC. “With Connect for Chrome, customers can access key capabilities of the ShoreTel platform from within the Google interface, giving them powerful communication tools with a seamless user experience.”

Connect for Chrome enables users to merge ShoreTel contacts with G Suite contacts so they can easily search through all contacts at once and view presence status for contacts within search results. Call controls are integrated with the Chrome browser, making it possible to initiate a call by clicking on any number in a web page or the contact list, or by typing a phone number in the browser extension. Users can also create ShoreTel events from Google Calendar, and include a ShoreTel conference bridge in a Google Calendar event.

“Integrating communication tools with business applications is proven to increase productivity, speed decision-making and enhance customer service,” Andrews said. “IPC’s engineers can implement Connect for Chrome and provide training to help users get up-to-speed quickly. Customers will find that integrating ShoreTel Connect with Google products adds to the value of both platforms.”

Connect for Chrome browser is available at no additional cost to U.S. Connect CLOUD and Connect ONSITE customers with Essentials, Standard and Advanced service or product plans.