Since 1981, IPC has been delivering industry-leading IT and communications solutions backed by expert service and support.

RICHMOND, Va. — April 27, 2016 — IPC is celebrating 35 years in business — a remarkable milestone in the highly volatile technology industry. The company was incorporated on this date in 1981 with a vision for delivering the highest quality IT and communications solutions to its customers. The company has remained true to that vision even as its products and services have changed dramatically.

“It’s difficult to comprehend the amount of technological change we’ve seen over the course of 35 years. We started business the year the IBM PC was introduced — which, by the way, came with a whopping 16K base memory and used the new MS-DOS operating system,” said Ken Banks, President and CEO. “At that time, businesses were only beginning to understand how computers could transform their operations. IPC has grown and evolved along with the industry by concentrating on solutions that deliver the most value to the customers we serve.”

Today, IPC focuses on the design, installation and support of the ShoreTel Unified Communications platform. IPC has completed countless ShoreTel implementations, including the new ShoreTel Connect solution, and manages and supports more than 120,000 devices including 55,000 ShoreTel endpoints through its Network Operations Center. The company’s sales volumes and certifications meet or exceed the requirements for ShoreTel Platinum certification.

“IPC offers an end-to-end solution that includes network assessments and upgrades and service provider connectivity, as well as design and installation of the ShoreTel solution,” said Bill Southers, Senior Vice President. “Expert managed services, virtual CTO services and IT consulting and staffing round out our capabilities.”

“We are extremely grateful to our loyal customers who have made this anniversary celebration possible,” said Jeff Andrews, Executive Vice President. “Our commitment, then and now, is to help them select and implement the right IT and communications solutions to meet their business objectives and provide a solid return on investment.”