New plug-in embeds ShoreTel telephony controls
within the Microsoft Skype for Business client.

RICHMOND, Va. — April 4, 2016 — ShoreTel has enhanced its integration with Microsoft Skype for Business, enabling midmarket and enterprise customers to tap the power of ShoreTel telephony in the client of their choice. IPC is excited to bring this new capability to its customers, many of which operate globally with locations worldwide.

“A number of our customers with international branch offices have selected Microsoft Skype for Business as a means to support communication among their employees, suppliers and customers,” said Jeff Andrews, Executive Vice President, IPC. “With this new tool, we can help them integrate all the features and functionality of ShoreTel into the Skype platform.

“ShoreTel Telephony for Microsoft” enables ShoreTel phone system customers who use the Skype for Business client to have robust telephony controls at their fingertips. Specifically, users can dial contacts directly from the Skype for Business client, execute conference calls, transfer calls, access their voicemail box, view and set presence information, and control all of their ShoreTel preferences such as call routing.

“We recognize that some ShoreTel customers will use Skype for Business, so this new plug-in provides the power of ShoreTel telephony features inside that client, ensuring users have an easy, seamless experience,” said Eugenia Corrales, vice president of product at ShoreTel. “This is another example of ShoreTel meeting the needs of midmarket and enterprise customers across our entire Connect portfolio. We also offer future flexibility, giving customers the option to move to the ShoreTel Connect client when they are ready to harness the full collaborative power of ShoreTel Connect.”

For the IT department, ShoreTel Telephony for Microsoft is a client-side integration, so no changes are required to the environment. The plug-in supports Lync 2013, Skype for Business 2015 and Skype for Business 2016 clients in both Office 365 and on-premises environments. ShoreTel does not require a separate license — the plug-in is part of the mid-tier bundle for ShoreTel Connect CLOUD and Connect ONSITE.

“The Skype plug-in capability illustrates ShoreTel’s commitment to open APIs and application integration,” Andrews said. “IPC’s engineers can help customers weave ShoreTel Connect into their workflows.”