Industry Veteran Michael Mansouri Succeeds Inspeed Founder Ed Basart As Chairman, CEO

Successful Serial Entrepreneur Brings Decades of Leadership Experience in Global Technology Businesses to Network Optimization Startup

Palo Alto, California, April 18, 2018 – InSpeed Networks, the technology leader in network optimization, monitoring, and security, today announced that Michael Mansouri has joined the company as chairman and chief executive officer. Mansouri‘s successful track record in fundraising, revenue generation and exits will significantly accelerate the growth of the business.

“While I’ve enjoyed four consecutive successful exits in the last 15 years, I am excited to join InSpeed because of its enormous potential,” said Mansouri. “The company’s unique, game-changing technology has already created significant customer satisfaction in the lucrative enterprise and service provider markets. It is a simple, yet elegant solution and masks the complexity of network optimization, bringing significant savings, visibility and security to organizations across many industries around the globe.”

The former CEO Ed Basart will stay on in a new role, as chief strategy officer.

About the New Chairman & CEO Michael Mansouri

Mansouri has a long history of successful value creation for shareholders and maximizing exit potential. As chairman, president and CEO of iPass, Inc., he led the global roaming and security company which resulted in a successful $1.8 billion exit in 2003. As president and CEO of OmniTrust Security Systems, a content security provider, he sold to Heisei Denden of Japan in 2005. Mansouri served as co-founder, chairman and CEO of Avalon Global Solutions, a provider of managed mobility, telecom expense management and cybersecurity services. He grew the company through international partnerships and acquisitions until its sale in 2011 to Widepoint Communications and served as CEO through 2013. He then served as CEO of a game-changing malware isolation technology, which merged with the identity and access management division of Aurionpro in 2016 to form Cyberinc. Mansouri served as the CEO of Cyberinc through 2017 during his transition.

Quotes from InSpeed Executives and Funders

“Having Michael as my business partner will be a tremendous asset to the company,” said founder and former CEO Ed Basart. “Michael has been through this before many times, and his wisdom and expertise will be critical to our growth and expansion.”

“We are very excited that Michael, a successful industry veteran, is joining InSpeed. Along with Ed and the company’s great team, he will help transform the company into an industry leader with significant growth potential,” said Bobby Yazdani, chairman of Silicon Valley venture investment firm Cota Capita.

InSpeed’s Technology Is Set to Upset the IP Telephony Market

InSpeed’s technology has created a new type of cloud service, providing WAN performance, quality, visibility and security on any Internet connection. The key enabling technology, Dynamic Bandwidth Control, allows InSpeed’s service to adapt in real time to network capacity changes while maintaining quality and maximum throughput. The core technology is protected by a series of patent applications. The service, which has been installed at hundreds of sites beginning in 2017, is proven, reliable and beginning to scale. It delivers clear voice, videoconferencing and responsive applications on a single commodity Internet connection—benefits that are unique in the industry.

InSpeed’s “self-driving” nature is also new to the industry, with automated deployment and self- configuration. Customers are provided a timeline view of the service in action as it optimizes WAN throughput, and a simple graphical report grading their Internet connection. Customers are delighted to know that the service is resolving issues without their intervention, only informing them when action is needed, such as restarting vendor equipment.

About InSpeed Networks

InSpeed Networks, founded in November 2014 by ShoreTel (SHOR) co-founder Ed Basart, has introduced the first SD-WAN appliance specifically designed to address the service quality, performance and security demands of voice over IP, videoconferencing and distributed business applications. The company’s breakthrough technology enhances network QoS, performance, security and visibility while reducing network bandwidth costs by up to 75%. For more information, visit www.inspeednetworks.com.

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