How Unified Communications Can Bridge the Divide between Generations


What will the workplace of the future look like? According to a recent PWC survey, it will be highly mobile with agile technologies that streamline organizational processes and boost productivity. It will also emphasize collaboration tools that facilitate teamwork and enable employees to communicate effectively with customers and business partners.

The workplace of the future will be well-suited to Millennials, who will make up half of the workforce by 2020. Millennials are accustomed to using digital communication tools such as instant messaging, web conferencing and video. They also want flexibility in terms of how, when and where they work, and expect to have tools that give them anytime, anywhere access to the applications, data and services they need.

However, some workers are not ready for this transition, and may be left behind if organizations don’t implement new technologies thoughtfully and strategically. Older workers tend to prefer traditional voice communications, and longtime employees who have established expertise in a particular area of the business may expect others to come to them for consultation. These groups of workers may not be inclined to use collaboration tools.

If they try new tools and find them to be overly complicated with numerous steps to remember, they are likely to abandon them quickly. However, the right unified communications (UC) system can help encourage adoption of collaboration tools by making it easy for workers to access and use them.

UC should make electronic collaboration as simple as face-to-face communication. Employees should have access to a full range of tools whether they are in the office, on the road or working from home. Setting up a conferencing session for two people or 20 should only require a few clicks.

ShoreTel Connect is an industry-leading UC platform that enables organizations to support workers from every generation. It provides crystal-clear call quality and is built on a distributed architecture for “five 9s” availability. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to access features, set preferences and locate other users. For those workers who demand the latest features, ShoreTel Connect includes advanced functionality and the ability to integrate phone system features with business applications.

All of this is built on a single software code base that delivers the same user experience regardless of deployment model. Organizations have the flexibility to choose between onsite and cloud-based deployments or mix and match the two in a hybrid environment. ShoreTel Connect is ideal for multisite operations and can readily scale to support more users as the organization grows.

The workplace of tomorrow will have increasing numbers of tech-savvy workers who feel comfortable using digital collaboration tools. However, organizations need solutions that can support today’s workforce with a blend of employees from multiple generations. Let IPC show you how ShoreTel Connect provides advanced technologies for workers who are ready to use them while supporting employees who prefer more traditional communication tools.