How to Optimize and Maintain Contact Center Performance, Part 2


In a previous post, we discussed the importance of contact center agent performance to delivering a positive customer experience and increasing customer loyalty. Unfortunately, organizations are struggling to maintain high performance levels for a number of reasons, from agent burnout and complacency to managers not having enough time to manage and coach agents.

As the line between sales calls and service calls continues to blur, every customer interaction must be viewed as an opportunity to grow short-term and long-term revenue. To maximize the performance and value of the contact center, organizations would be well-served to follow best practices such as documenting customer service standards and processes, understanding ROI, staying focused on customer needs, engaging agents, and sharing quality assurance data to improve service quality.

The ability to gather and analyze data plays a critical role in optimizing and maintaining contact center performance. This data will help organizations identify and clarify contact center goals, better align and integrate customer data from various business units, and improve contact center operations.

In many organizations, however, customer data resides in more than 20 systems in multiple formats and locations, according to Ventana Research. This results in inconsistent, unreliable information. Having a single version of accurate, up-to-date customer information that is accessible to all who need it ensures informed decision-making and more positive, productive interactions with customers. Sales and contact center agents in particular must work together and share data in order to identify and take full advantage of upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Contact center performance management tools and processes capture and analyze contact center operations, presenting a single, accurate view of current and historical information. In real-time or near-real-time, managers receive information that provides greater visibility into contact center activity. This data shows if goals are being met and can be used to assign deadlines, spot trends, evaluate agent performance, address issues and prevent problems from escalating. Contact center performance management software enables managers to spend more time providing solutions than trying to track down the original cause of the problem.

Insight by Uptivity is a performance management solution that maximizes contact center performance and accountability by providing a single version of the truth – a unified, consistent view of contact center performance. Managing the contact center requires fewer applications and a single dashboard, which integrates relevant data from across the organization. Managers can create timely reports, engage agents, assess performance and optimize training. Insight by Uptivity is a cloud-based platform, which minimizes maintenance costs and allows the system and any updates to be deployed quickly.

IPC specializes in optimizing and maintaining contact center performance using the Uptivity solution. Let us help you use these tools to boost your bottom line by improving the quality of every customer interaction.