Mitel’s next-generation voice, collaboration and contact center solutions provide flexibility and scale to protect customers’ technology investments.

While many smaller organizations are moving their phone systems to the public cloud, larger organizations are using a wider range of deployment options. According to telecom and IT analyst firm MZA, on-premises, private cloud and hybrid deployments are expected to represent almost 80 percent of unified communications (UC) implementations in midsize and enterprise firms by 2023.

These deployment models give organizations greater control over their UC platforms, making it possible to fully integrate UC into business applications and workflows. Organizations can also gain more advanced voice, collaboration and contact center features for driving productivity and delivering better customer experiences.

But one of the key benefits of the public cloud is that it gives customers access to the latest technologies without forklift upgrades. With UC technology constantly evolving, how can organizations future-proof their investments?

Mitel is helping customers do just that with new updates to its flagship UC solutions. These offerings demonstrate Mitel’s continued investment in delivering innovations for its onsite product portfolio to enable omnichannel interactions, support emerging technologies and power digital transformation.

“At IPC, we recognize that cloud-based UC solutions aren’t right for every customer and use case,” said Eric Bowling, CEO & Chief Customer Officer, IPC. “We don’t try to force-fit the cloud but work with every customer to determine the best deployment model to meet their needs. As a Mitel Platinum partner, we are uniquely qualified to deliver Mitel’s MiVoice, MiCollab and MiContact Center solutions.”

Integrated UC Technologies

MiVoice is a comprehensive, flexible and reliable technology platform that supports UC solutions for businesses of all sizes. MiVoice is designed to simplify communications so users can focus on building customer relationships and sharing ideas rather than getting technology to work. And now Mitel has expanded its MiVoice portfolio with three new options.

MiVoice Office 400 is a new hardware platform and technology targeted at small to midsize customers. It combines UC, contact center and mobile functionality in a virtualized solution. A broad portfolio of phones are integrated with the call manager, and preinstalled applications can be activated at any time.

“MiVoice Office 400 is also the ideal solution for the hospitality sector thanks to specially developed applications,” Bowling said. “The Mitel 400 Hospitality Package supports communication and administrative tasks in hotels and businesses offering guest management services.”

MiVoice MX-ONE is a high-performance, cost-effective gateway with CloudLink-readiness to enable application and security enhancements for large enterprises. Mitel’s CloudLink technology connects premises-based platforms to the cloud, allowing customers to access cloud communications and collaboration applications without completely abandoning their existing infrastructure.

MiVoice Business is a next-generation containerization software architecture that drives speed to market for applications and business software upgrades. It’s a fully integrated UC suite that delivers voice, messaging, mobility, presence, conferencing, collaboration and applications and includes desktop phones, attendant consoles, softphones and accessories.

“Each of these solutions offers the scalability to grow as your business grows, and a strong technology roadmap that will take you into the future,” said Bowling.

Collaboration and the Customer Experience

Mitel has also updated its on-premises technologies to better enable collaboration across the organization. MiCollab is a single solution that brings communications and collaboration tools together to simplify the way people work. Multiple customer interface enhancements make MiCollab even easier for employees to talk, meet and share information.

In addition, Mitel offers flexible deployment choices for organizations with advanced contact center operations, omnichannel interactions or unique integration requirements. MiContact Center and MiContact Center Enterprise have expanded omnichannel capabilities for MiVoice 400, MX-ONE and MiVoice 5000 that enable businesses to leverage web, chat, voice and social media interactions to provide a seamless customer experience.

These latest advancements reflect Mitel’s dedication to providing tailored communications and collaboration solutions that accelerate customers’ digital transformation. Designed to increase speed to innovation, Mitel’s product roadmap also delivers high levels of security and enables businesses to leverage emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to solve today’s problems and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

“Businesses are at different points in their cloud journey, and the collaboration solution an individual customer ultimately chooses depends on their operating and economic models,” said Martin Bitzinger, Vice President, Unified Communications Products and Solutions, Mitel. “No matter the industry, company size, or how they are geographically dispersed, Mitel’s commitment to making communications seamless ensures protection for new and existing investments, as companies seek to drive productivity and create exceptional customer experiences.”