Rev Up Your Sales with FastSpectrum® Powered by InSpeed!

FastSpectrum, powered by InSpeed, is a unique SD-WAN solution that helps customers cut costs, maximize performance and boost security. It combines a state-of-the-art cloud service and a small on-premises device to prioritize network traffic to meet desired service levels.

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There’s no need to reconfigure the network or change service providers — FastSpectrum works automatically with your customer’s existing environment.

  • Improves Internet quality and performance by streamlining traffic
  • Delivers guaranteed Quality of Service for VoIP and videoconferencing
  • Relieves network congestion and increases availability
  • Securely and seamlessly interconnects multiple locations

This cost-effective solution is a no-brainer add-on to your connectivity sales.

You can make money every month on a recurring-revenue (MRR) model and earn valuable bonuses too!

  • 1 = $100
  • 50 = $5,000+Apple Watch ($399)
  • 5 = $500+Polo Shirt ($60)
  • 60 = $6,000
  • 10 = $1000
  • 70 = $7,000
  • 15 = $1500+FitBit ($199)
  • 80 = $8,000+Apple Watch ($659)
  • 20 = $2000
  • 90 = $9,000
  • 25 = $2500+Apple Watch ($269)
  • 100 = $10,000+qualify for Grand Prize

GRAND PRIZES (a tie will force a public drawing)
1st Place 2018 Corvette (or Equivalent) 39 mo. lease ($35K value)
2nd Place 2018 Corvette (or Equivalent) 24 mo. lease ($29K value)
3rd Prize 2018 Corvette (or Equivalent) 12 mo. lease ($18K value)

Lease terms 10K miles per year (insurance not included).

1 MRR bonus per unit paid to rep when invoiced on IQS-36-F or Q only (full install fee required). Additional bonus credited for IQS-36-F/Q is $100 when paid by customer per unit.

Bonus can be paid at the end of each quarter or bonus can be accumulated to qualify for prizes with pay out at time of award. Once a payout is made, a reset back to quantity 1=$100 begins. Cash payout granted to ALL non car winners. 

Contact IPC to learn more, and get ready to rev up your sales!

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