The automaker Henry Ford loved to remind his workforce about the importance of the customer experience. “Employers only handle the money,” Ford said. “It is the customer who pays the wages.”

As the focal point for customer interactions, the contact center is essential for shaping the customer experience. To ensure the best possible such experience, companies of all sizes are choosing cloud-based contact center solutions over in-house infrastructure.

The Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) model allows organizations to rapidly access the latest technologies that can help them be more responsive to customer demands. Features such as powerful analytics, quality monitoring and improved recording are particular drivers for growth of the cloud-based contact center market.

CCaaS solutions deliver the compelling benefits we’ve come to expect from the cloud — reduced capital expenses, scalability and fast access to advanced technologies. This is why analysts with MarketsandMarkets predict the global market for cloud-based contact centers will grow by more than 25 percent annually to reach $20.93 billion by 2022.

The ability to support rapidly shifting customer communication preferences is perhaps the key benefit of CCaaS. Customer interactions that were almost exclusively by telephone until a few years ago have evolved into a complex interplay of communications channels — the so-called “omnichannel” experience.

However, organizations are finding they lack the IT manpower, expertise and infrastructure to adequately deal with the increasing traffic across non-voice channels such as email, text, chat and social applications. In many cases, this is because IT has been tasked with integrating “bolt-on” contact center applications with the enterprise phone system.

With the recent introduction of its CCaaS platform, Mitel has eliminated these integration issues. The MiCloud Engage Contact Center powers omnichannel communications by uniting telephony, email, voicemail, messaging, mobility, conferencing and more into a single integrated platform. This allows customers to engage with you on their terms using the media and device of their choice.

Entirely over-the-top with no software or equipment to deploy, MiCloud Engage Contact Center works with any call control platform and integrates with a wide range of third-party CRM applications. CRM integration makes it easy to collect relevant data about existing customers and push that information to the agent through screen pops, allowing more personal and effective service. Armed with the upfront knowledge of the product or service the customer is interested in, agents can find the right information quickly and improve the odds of a first-call resolution.

The Mitel solution allows agents to support simultaneous interactions on a variety of channels through a unified desktop or embeddable toolbar to work directly from within the CRM app. With fewer applications to switch between, agents can be more productive and can support a higher volume of interactions.

The solution also enables greater operational insights through the use of emerging technologies such as deep analytics and real-time reporting that enable businesses to make data-powered decisions across every part of their organization. It also allows you to create custom widgets to visualize your data in bar charts, bubbles, tables and many other formats to improve understanding.

Whether you make cars, candy or computers, your company is ultimately in the customer satisfaction business — and today’s customers expect interactions that are seamless and effortless. Mitel’s new MiCloud Engage Contact Center can help your business meet those expectations and create a favorable customer experience. Give us a call and let us show you how.