Compare Cloud Options

A growing number of cloud-based VoIP services are available today, with differing features, service levels and prices. In fact, many providers offer basic cloud VoIP services that compete primarily on price — often as little as $9.95 per user per month.

These services typically include a dial tone, voicemail and perhaps some limited call routing capabilities. Desk phones may or may not be included in the monthly price. The customer is responsible for setting up the phones, configuring the system and ensuring Internet connectivity. Because calls are transmitted over the public Internet, voice quality depends upon the customer’s Internet connection and bandwidth.

ShoreTel Sky is a premium service that includes a unique customer experience and a variety of sophisticated yet easy-to-use applications. IPC and ShoreTel ensure a painless implementation from beginning to end. Customers connect to ShoreTel Sky through private circuits, and ShoreTel deploys backup connectivity to protect against outages.