AT&T Network Services

VPN and Remote Access

VPNs establish “tunnels” for private communications over the public Internet, providing highly secure access to network resources. AT&T’s VPN solutions treat mobile devices as if they are just another endpoint on the network, providing consistent performance anytime, anywhere. Customer can quickly scale their AT&T VPN to meet changing business needs.

AT&T’s Network-based VPN IP Remote Access solution extends the reach and footprint for network-based VPN services across the AT&T Global Network, a unified worldwide platform. Small branch offices and remote and mobile users gain highly secure access to critical business applications regardless of location, access type or device.

  • Maintains remote access to the VPN, including simultaneous access to the Internet
  • Features mirrored, geographically separated, load-balanced network gateways
  • Provides backup options for business continuity

Internet Connectivity and Managed Internet Service

The Internet is a critical avenue for conducting business, connecting with staff, customers, suppliers and business partners, and accessing real-time applications. With AT&T Internet Access, organizations receive a fast, highly secure and cost-effective connection they can rely upon. With AT&T Internet Access you can:

  • Access the Internet and your intranet
  • Stream audio and video.
  • Transfer large amounts of data.
  • Provide access to remote workers.

The AT&T Managed Internet Service is a complete access and technical solution that provides a dedicated Internet connectivity with extensive reach throughout the U.S., including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. AT&T proactively monitors Internet access around the clock, and provides enhanced features to help protect critical business applications. Backed by industry-leading service level agreements that provide 100% service availability, AT&T’s Managed Internet Service offers a wide range of access speeds, billing plans and bundled options.

MPLS Private Network Transport

Multiprotocol Label Switching speeds network traffic by applying a label to a given sequence of packets so a router doesn’t have to look up the address of the next network node to forward it to. With MPLS Private Network Transport, AT&T adds unique VPN ID labels to data as it enters the IP network. The MPLS Private Network Transport labels use separate routing tables to segregate traffic from other IP network traffic and provide a network-based IP VPN. Backed by industry-leading service level agreements that provide 100% service availability, the MPLS Private Network Transport is available in a wide range of access speeds, billing arrangements and bundled options.

AT&T Network-Based Firewall Service

AT&T Network-Based Firewall Service provides a fully managed, cost-effective network security solution. Organizations can manage and control user access to the Internet and help prevent unauthorized access to corporate network resources — without the expense of on-premises equipment.

  • Helps block malicious traffic, worms and viruses
  • Protects Internet, intranet, and extranet assets
  • Provides centralized security policy, administration, alerting and reporting
  • Includes 24×7 management and maintenance from AT&T

Switched Ethernet

Switched Ethernet is a scalable solution that increases the number of service sites within a shared network. It offers a low-cost networking option for multiple locations, whether domestic or global, providing high-speed, on-time performance while acting as the on-ramp to both the Internet and an organization’s VPN network.

  • Allows you to route, manage, and prioritize applications
  • Suits bandwidth-intensive applications like Voice over IP, video streaming, and data storage
  • Requires no special provisioning to run most applications

Voice over IP Communications

AT&T IP Flexible Reach is a managed Voice over IP communication solution that supports inbound and outbound calling on the data network, providing local, long-distance and international calling for U.S. sites.

  • Provides business-class performance and voice quality
  • Works with digital TDM PBX and leading IP PBX systems
  • Creates operational efficiency and streamlined management

AT&T IP Toll-Free is an inbound, Voice over IP service providing delivery of toll-free calls directly to U.S. sites. AT&T IP Toll-Free is similar to traditional toll-free service with the added benefit of sending data and voice over a single IP network. IP Toll-Free uses the AT&T common shared business IP platform. Calls originate in the PSTN (public switched telephone network), travel over the AT&T MPLS network and are delivered to your onsite equipment.

  • Helps reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) by consolidating access and networks, efficiently using bandwidth, and increasing concurrent calls
  • Provides a new approach to solving call management needs through an extensive list of IP-based services and features
  • Supports flexible, transparent migration from current system to IP-based architecture, and supports large Object Linking and Embedding (OCX) and Ethernet implementations