AT&T Cloud and Hosting Services

AT&T Synaptic Cloud Services

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions allows customers to buy compute, storage and network resources as needed and access them on demand from any device. This allows for rapid scalability and increased flexibility, and provides a hedge against disaster. With IaaS, users can provision, run, manage and remove virtual assets as needed.

AT&T Synaptic Compute-as-a-Service with VMware vCloud Datacenter Service offers on-demand virtual machines and associated networking resources in a self-service, pay-as-you-go model.

  • Creation of virtual data centers (VDCs), each with its own virtual LAN (VLAN) and IP address space
  • Network connectivity for each VDC via the Internet or AT&T VPN service
  • Choice of operating system images available in AT&T’s public catalog
  • Flexible resource sizing options for processing power, memory and storage
  • User-configurable firewall policy for Internet-accessible VDCs

AT&T Synaptic Storage-as-a-Service provides highly secure, virtualized storage that adaptively scales to meet business needs, and is accessible from virtually any device, anywhere.

  • Provides unlimited access to on-demand, pay-per-use storage
  • Supports managed networks and a multilayer security approach
  • Offers predefined storage policies
  • Easily ingests data to an AT&T Synaptic Storage-as-a-Service depot

AT&T Colocation Hosting Services

AT&T Colocation Hosting Services provide a highly secure, reliable and scalable foundation for hosted IT infrastructure needs with access to data center space, power, cooling, connectivity and IT support services. With AT&T Colocation Hosting Services, you can quickly expand both capacity and reach with less disruption and more flexibility.

  • Access to a global, enterprise-class AT&T Internet Data Center
  • Connection to the AT&T global network
  • 24×7 monitoring of data centers and network connections
  • Predictable monthly fee to avoid capital investments
  • Multiple layers of redundancy for 99.999% availability
  • Freedom to focus in-house IT staff on other growth and consolidation initiatives

AT&T Private Cloud

The AT&T Private Cloud delivers virtualized IT infrastructure resources physically dedicated to a single organization. Customers benefit from the built-in self-service, scalability and control, along with the ability to secure and customize their infrastructure.

  • Dedicated virtualized servers
  • Dedicated security teams to manage botnet and malware analysis
  • Reduced administrative and supplier costs
  • Compliance with industry standards, including ISO27001, HITRUST and PCI