Contact Center in the Cloud

Five9 provides enterprise-class call center features for global organizations in a robust, cloud-based solution.

The contact center continues to play a central role in the customer experience. Customers expect to communicate with organizations seamlessly across voice, email, chat, text and other channels. They expect issues to be handled promptly with minimal wait times and transfers. Organizations need a robust, multichannel contact center that maximizes quality and efficiency.

A contact center has a number of layers, from the core customer interaction management to the agent experience, the supervisor experience and the manager’s experience. These interfaces must be easy to use in order for the customer interaction to be successful. Managers need reporting and analytics tools to help them optimize the customer experience, maximize agent efficiency and keep costs low. Ideally, the contact center should integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) and other enterprise software.

“Building a traditional on-premises contact center requires analysis, planning and expertise,” said Jeff Andrews, Executive Vice President, IPC. “Enterprise organizations typically invest significant time and money developing monolithic contact center platforms that may be difficult to modify as business needs and customer demands change.”

The cloud can offer greater agility and scalability, but can a cloud-based contact center support global operations with enterprise-class requirements? The answer is a resounding “yes” when you consider the features and functionality of Five9’s Virtual Contact Center (VCC).

“Five9 has developed a cloud-based solution that provides everything you need for effective inbound, outbound and blended contact center operations,” Andrews said. “It features phone service with intelligent routing and predictive dialing capabilities as well as omnichannel management applications and reporting. All of this is delivered from state-of-the-art cloud data centers, eliminating the hassle and expense of implementing a traditional on-premises contact center solution.”

Innovative Approach

Five9 recently unveiled the latest major release of its award-winning VCC, with more than 100 new features and enhancements. VCC is a complete omnichannel solution that provides global enterprises with a holistic view of their customers’ journey across all touchpoints. Enterprises can easily engage with customers anywhere in the world, intelligently distributing interactions to the right agent regardless of location.

“With the Summer Release 2017 of the VCC, Five9 introduced a state-of-the-art, carrier-grade soft switch that dynamically selects the best call path between agent and caller and scales to support many thousands of agents,” Andrews said. “Five9 also launched new deployment options that leverage both private and public clouds, expanding availability beyond Five9’s data centers. This technology is designed to be fully cloud agnostic and includes support for a variety of public clouds.”

Five9 delivers all these capabilities on a modular microservices architecture, enabling enterprises to maintain the rapid pace of innovation required to compete in today’s fast-paced, consumer-centric world. Voice, collaboration, text-to-speech, voice recording, speech recognition and other applications are delivered via modular components that communicate using REST APIs. This brings greater flexibility and creates a future-proof architecture that meets the needs of large enterprises for resiliency, elasticity, scalability and pace of innovation.

“This latest release from Five9 makes it the industry’s most scalable and future-proofed cloud contact center platform,” said Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst, ZK Research. “The focus on modularity, microservices and openness enables it to quickly adapt to market trends, a key to sustained market leadership in the digital era. Five9’s customers benefit now as they realize consistent features regardless of location but will also have access to the new features faster without having to go through the pain of lengthy upgrade cycles.”

Global Capabilities

The Summer Release 2017 of the VCC also brings key capabilities for multinational operations. Five9 Global Voice enables enterprises to extend contact center voice functionality to all parts of the globe by optimizing voice paths with in-region points of presence (PoPs). Five9 has deployed voice PoPs in Australia, Japan, China and other locations around the world.

“Five9 has extended its global routing engine to more effectively find the right resource, anywhere in the world, to serve the customer,” said Andrews. “By keeping voice in-region, globally distributed contact centers can confidently deploy a truly worldwide operation that optimizes agent resources to maintain the highest quality, lowest latency and most cost-effective solution.”

Organizations can run multilingual and international contact center operations within a single tenant with language localization. Five9 uses a fully externalized string architecture that makes it easy and inexpensive to adapt new languages and support character sets such as Japanese and Chinese.

Five9 provides integrations with strategic unified communications (UC) and CRM partners, providing agents with powerful features within a unified environment. Enhancements to the Five9 integration for Skype allows agents to seamlessly connect to experts outside the contact center from a familiar interface. The Five9 integration to Salesforce provides a unified omnichannel desktop that empowers agents with valuable customer journey insights, context and history across all channels.

“Today’s global enterprises aspire to engage with customers consistently, regardless of location or device. However, legacy systems have hampered their transformation to today’s digital world,” Andrews said. “Five9 delivers a cloud-based contact center solution that meets the requirements of today’s multinational enterprises, giving them a powerful edge in their quest to enhance the customer experience.”