Enhancing Customer Interactions with Technology

Cloud-based communications, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are combining to deliver a superior customer experience. Every business needs customers, but many organizations are struggling to deliver a high-quality customer experience. According to a new global benchmark study by … Read More

Wrapping Up Apps

Lightweight application containers prove good things come in small packages. Mobile and cloud computing have fundamentally changed the way organizations develop, deploy and use software. Instead of spending months or even years building all-encompassing, monolithic applications, developers now are tasked … Read More

Addressing the Data Tampering Threat

File integrity monitoring helps ensure that critical system and data files aren’t altered — maliciously or accidentally. Most organizations associate the term “security breach” with the theft or exposure of sensitive data. However, data tampering could pose an even greater … Read More

Tape’s Renaissance

LTO-8 speed and capacity enhancements extend tape’s role in the data storage infrastructure. Data storage technology is continually evolving, with software-defined storage, flash storage, cloud storage, object storage and more emerging to meet the demands of non-stop data growth. Through … Read More

UCaaS in the Enterprise

Larger organizations are starting to catch on to the many benefits of cloud-based unified communications solutions. Frost and Sullivan has forecast that the hosted IP telephony and Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) market will maintain double-digit growth rates through 2023. The research … Read More

Balancing Privacy and the Customer Experience

Customer identity and access management enables organizations to build rich customer profiles while respecting privacy and keeping data secure. The Breach Level Index tracks statistics related to publicly disclosed security incidents. According to the latest data, more than 5 million … Read More

A New Way to WAN

Software-defined WAN solutions help to reduce costs and streamline operations through flexibility, consolidation and centralized management. The wide-area network (WAN) has become one of the most critical components of the IT infrastructure, enabling organizations to gain access to cloud resources … Read More

Safer Sharing

Organizations must take steps to reduce risks from unmanaged file-sharing services. Cloud applications and services make it easy for business users to explore new ways to do their jobs with improved speed, flexibility andefficiency. Unfortunately, they also make it easy … Read More

Helping Customers Keep Pace with Rapid Technology Change

IPC and Mitel offer communication and collaboration solutions that maximize existing investments while leveraging the cloud. Disruption has become the norm in today’s business landscape. Organizations are finding that they must invest in new technologies to meet customer needs and … Read More

Boost Mobile Security

Endpoint management solutions essential for limiting mobile computing risks. Mobile technologies have profoundly changed how organizations conduct business, share information and interact with customers, employees and partners. However, the rise of business mobility is accompanied by a corresponding increase in … Read More